I’m human and in being human, I let fear hold me back more times than not. The most dominant fear for me is what will people think of me?

I’m afraid you’ll think,

“She’s too much” “What she’s doing is so stupid!” “Who cares what she has to say anyway!” “Who does she think she is!”

I’m sure you think these things too, right?!

Okay so….I’m kind of an adrenaline junky. Not in the way of sky diving or going into burning buildings.

I’m more of a junky at putting myself out there in brave and scary ways (public speaking, improv theater, posting things like this, starting a business, having brave conversations, sharing my ideas, etc.). These things terrify the piss out of me!

In doing these things, I feel the deep, petrifying fear of being judged by you. I do care what you think, but you want to know what pushes me every time to do the brave things despite what you will think of me?

I RADICALLY ACCEPT, that I will, in fact, be judged by you! It doesn’t feel good because I definitely want your approval, but I simply allow myself to feel the pain of your judgment! And when I can allow myself to feel the pain and accept it, I’m no longer afraid and I will just…well…do it! I do the terrifying thing despite my deepest fear of judgment.

And you want to know what else? I focus deeply on YOU. The one person who is ready to hear the message, who may grow and learn from something I said that moved or motivated them. I focus on that one person. They get me through every time.

How about the next time that you are afraid to put yourself out there because of what other people will think of you, you just accept that THEY ARE GOING TO JUDGE YOU. We all judge. It’s what the human mind does. It judges. You won’t die from it. So FUCK IT and just DO IT!!!

And truly, at the end of the day, in the words of Brene Brown, she says, “If you’re not in the ring getting your butt kicked too, I’m not interested in your feedback!”

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