What the hell is a life coach???

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So you may be wondering what exactly is a life coach???

Well when you have a session with a life coach, it is the biggest gift to yourself because the focus is totally on YOU!

Often when we have problems or dilemmas, we talk to our family or friends and suddenly they are giving us unwanted advice (things you know you’re never gonna do ) or they turn the whole conversation into talking about themselves. You walk away sometimes feeling worse. UGH

So then there’s therapy, which is amazing btw! I’m a big fan . Therapy deals with the past and traumas. Therapy is great and is definitely part of the healing process.

Therapists deal with the WHY. The past. Why you do what you.

So this is where I come in....

My job is to help you with the WHAT. WHAT are you actually going to do about the challenges in your life???!!! What small steps can you take this week to make some progress?

Yes, there is time for venting and complaining with coaching, but WHAT now???!!!

I will help you unlock your unconscious blocks (the nasty and heinous thoughts you tell yourself “I’m not good enough” “I’m too old” “I’m a failure”).

Together we will create action steps and accountability. We know that humans are more likely to do something if they know someone is going to ask about it.

So if you’re...

-struggling to find time for yourself

-hesitating to put yourself out there to look for romance or a new job

-scared as hell to have a brave conversation or offer up your skills and talents at work

-not taking any action to address your physical health, especially during the stress of quarantine

-struggling to turn off the damn news because you know it’s draining you of all your resources

-Or my personal favorite - your house is disorganized and you have no motivation to get started!

This is where I come in as your life coach!

I’d love to have a complimentary session to see if coaching is right for you!

Take care.

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