The Gifts of Watching Nature and Motherhood

Today, right on my back deck, I watched a momma bird feed her baby bird a worm. She kept flying away and coming back to feed her baby. She would leave and come back again and again and again. I lost track of how many times this happened. I thought to myself, she must be so tired of looking for worms and when will the baby bird be satisfied???!!! OMG give her a break! But then I remembered, she's a mom and even when she's tired and weak, she somehow finds the strength to love, care, and advocate for her babies.

I'm going through a very rough time as a mother (more challenges than I ever expected or was prepared for). What I know more than anything else, is that a mother's love will always prevail. We are not called to be perfect mothers (although my ego mind daily fools me into thinking I'm supposed to be). We are, however, called to do our best and keep trying again and again and again. I fail on more days than I'd like to admit, but I know, just like you, we keep trying.

Happy early Mother's Day to all the mommas out there and to my own mom who tried her absolute best! This job sure ain't easy and I totally misjudged this shit (I mean experience lol)!!!

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